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01About us

Bit Spectra is a young, fast-developing company in the cryptocurrency trading market that includes more than 30 employees and does not have specific bindings to any country.

Bit Spectra has been responsible for the majority of trading in the stock market for several years, and it s important to shed some light on the role Bit Spectra plays in the cryptocurrency market.Bit Spectra uses complex algorithms and powerful computers to place a huge amount of orders at rapid speed in milliseconds, microseconds and even nanoseconds. HFT enables our traders to operate on such a fast time scale that they can take advantage of opportunities in the markets which would not be possible for traders not utilising these algorithms and computing power. Bit Spectra is a result-oriented forward-thinking company which is fully dedicated to investments and is well-known for its outstanding profitable system which has allowed them to create a totally self-sustainable investment website.

  • total investment602085.09usd
  • total withdraw364538.52usd
  • Total users3513
  • Users on-line1

02bit-spectra.biz Limited

    All investors transactions are totally safe and secure

    The team pays maximum
    attention to the safety
    of investor funds and
    processing in manual mode.

    Powerful DDoS protection system
    guarantees stable service work
    We use a very powerful
    dedicated server
    for fast performance
    and the convenience
    of our customers.

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